Vaccine Distribution Security with Seals, Labels & Bags

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The world’s vaccine distribution efforts are now ramping up to combat and end the global pandemic. Increases in volume will naturally strain the security of this cargo leading to this becoming a primary concern to allow a fast and safe delivery. The Dubai Alliance and Emirates Sky Cargo are currently leading the way for distributing vaccines throughout large parts of the world. As Dubai itself is a central hub or crossroads for many logistics routes across the globe. Therefore, providing quality security solutions for this cargo travelling through the Middle East region and beyond is a vital concern.

The vaccine cargo is a high value one that has many requirements to retain effectiveness. This can lead to costly losses when the boxes, bags or pallets used to transport the goods through the supply chain are opened or tampered with. Each package contains 1,000-5,000 doses. Utilising the correct solutions that can offer great security as well as clearly indicating if a container has been open so proper storage can resume is essential. Mega Fortris ME offers a range of products that are ideal for securing these goods, so they are sealed properly for safe delivery.

Our Range of products for Vaccine Distribution

MCLP 150 Cable seal for Vaccine Distribution 

The Mini Cable Lock Premium (MCLP) is a user friendly and highly tamper evident semi-barrier seal. This seal uses moulded high impact ABS material for the lock body that is durable and shows clear evidence of tampering. Also uses a zinc cast at the entry and exit hole combined with the galvanised steel wire, providing greater protection against tampering due to increased strength. In addition to this, the MCLP supports the use of laser marking to etch company names, logos, sequential numbers and barcodes that increase identification to prevent replacing or tampering.

MCLP150 180 | Mini Cable Lock Premium

This is a popular versatile seal because it is ideal for use securing the trucks, containers, rail cars and more that will be moving the shipments of vaccines to prevent unauthorised opening.

Tamper Evident Bags for Vaccine Distribution 

Tamper Evident Security Envelopes

Mega Fortris offers tamper evident bags that are easy to use to seal vaccine and healthcare equipment inside. While also possessing many features that provide clear signs if the bag is breached. The bags are made of Co-ex film material that is resistant to rough handling, as well as oil and water but still allows signs of tampering. Printed writing on the edges along with double-sided welding prevents cutting and resealing of bag sides. Hidden tamper-evident markings are revealed when tape used to seal the bag is opened or tampered with, clearly alerting the user. Finally, the front facing address panel can be used to record more information during use. In Addition to pre-printed barcodes and serial numbers mean these bags are easily identified and resistant to tampering.

Tamper Evident Labels for Vaccine Distribution

Mega Fortris also offers a range of tamper evident security labels used to seal various kinds of boxes, containers, bags and more clearly signifying an opening or break in containment required for vaccines. All label faces can be printed with serial numbers, company names, logos and barcodes for improved identification.

Total transfer security tape completely transfers the pattern or void message onto the product’s surface when removed after initial application, leaving very clear evidence. Useful if application does not need to be reused after reaching destination.

total transfer labels
partial transfer labels

Partial transfer tape leaves traces of the void message or pattern on the application after lifting of the label off the application. Ideal when evidence is required on the applied surfaces and materials, but large residue is not wanted.

The Non-Transfer security tape leaves no residue on the surface, but when an attempt is made to re-stick the label, the label face itself will show a void message. This is a perfect label for surfaces that need to be kept clean without residue, allowing the application to be reused or continue its journey without confusion.

security label

Mega Fortris prides itself on offering full solutions to fulfil requirements for all cargo. This is never more important than with a high value cargo such as the vaccines that need high quality solutions.

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