Healthcare Security Solutions for the Medical Industry

Healthcare security for the Middle East

The UAE healthcare sector is one of the world leaders in treatments, facilities, and capacity to serve its own population, but also international considerations with medical tourist in Dubai reaching 337,011 alone last year. This is a result of the massive investment in this sector across the UAE, which included building new facilities and expand technologies leading to a growth of 60% to $28 billion since 2016. This includes 104 hospitals as well as an efficient supply chain to distribute medications and vaccinations to the public which requires a high amount of healthcare security.

We supply security solutions that can be used to support a diverse range of healthcare security requirements. Ranging from supporting the Covid-19 vaccination roll out with over 34,000 doses administered each day, securing blood shipments with 55,000 units taken in 2020 in Dubai alone or managing the 70 tons of medical waste created each day across the UAE. We provide solutions that are ideal for securing healthcare transport, packaging, vials, syringes, equipment, and samples.

Solutions for healthcare Security

The MCLP cable seal is a versatile seal that provides excellent tamper evident security for its compact size and economical price. This seal is a zinc cast molded in high impact ABS material which provides high resilience as well as clear evidence if manipulated. One end of the galvanized steel wire rope is permanently secured into the lock body. While the other uses a one way pull tight locking mechanism to secure the seal in place, with a protruding lip on the entry and exit hole to provide protection from tampering. Marking of this seal is achieved through permanent laser etching of company names, logos, sequential numbers, and barcodes.

MCLP 150 white closed
MCLP 2K Cables seal green closed

The MCLP 2K is the updated version of the MCLP seal offering improved protection for higher value shipments. This seal develops the ABS molded design to include 2 colours. This provides several benefits such as increased visibility of seal information due to a white marking space, which also allows easier barcode reading. This enhanced design also helps to prevent 3D cloning of this seal further improving tamper evident features. In addition to the improved marking readability this seal’s marking area has a grooved surface which protects serial numbers from abrasion or rough handling.

These seals are ideal for securing trucks, vans, small commercial vehicles, tote plastic boxes and other small containers for tamper free transit of medical supplies.

We supply a range of tamper evident options that are used to easily enhance the security of goods shipments by providing a strong seal that cannot be removed without clear evidence. We provide full transfer security labels that once fixed to the application will leave an adhesive residue on the surface as well as the label face clearly signifying entry while preventing reapplication. Another option is non transfer labels that once applied cannot be removed without presenting a clear tamper void message on the label face with no residue on the application surface allowing it to be reused or continue its journey. These labels are available with customizable information and colours to fit user requirements with a wide variety of sizes available.

total transfer labels
pharmaceuticals specialized labels

Additionally, we supply specialised security labels that are offered in a variety of shapes and sizes for securing medical applications such as vials, bottles, boxes, syringes and more. These labels are available with customisable markings such as sequential numbers, barcodes, QR codes and logos. These seals are designed for providing security against contamination or tampering for vulnerable high value healthcare goods, contact our team today for enquiries and more information on our specialised labels.

Thirdly we offer tamper evident security tape that is ideal for securing boxes and packages for transporting medical goods. These tapes provide a full tamper evident void message on the substrate surface as well as the label face to clearly alert the user to any breaches in transit preventing confusion and allowing the disposal of contaminated loads.

tamper evident tape red
Tamper Evident Security Envelopes

Our tamper evident security bags are ideal for a wide range of medical operations to prevent contamination of items or secure hazardous and potentially toxic items for disposal. These bags provide many benefits that make them perfect for these applications. Such as a customizable unique design that is difficult to copy and therefore replace. The plastic material used for these bags is 100% recyclable and provides a container to goods that is tough enough for withstanding rough handling, but delicate enough to trigger signs of tampering if manipulated. This bag also uses the advantages of our tamper evident security tape to close the bag, which will reveal a void message if tampered with clearly indicating if the contents has been compromised. Besides preventing access through the bag opening the sides are secured with the use of printed messaging on the bags edges that prevents cutting and re-sealing of the sides. Also, with the addition of the address panel that can be used to record more information, along with pre-printed barcodes and serial numbers mean these bags are easily identified.

Our expert team are here to give any information for enquiries and advice on the best solutions to provide solutions for any healthcare security requirements.