Chain of Custody Tracking Software

MEGA–APP is a cost–effective and user-friendly security seal application that is suitable for today’s mobile technology. Mega App offers chain of custody tracking through the automatic scanning and recording of bar-codes on security seals.

MEGA–APP offers the same chain of custody tracking security benefits as RFID Technology, but without the infrastructure costs.

User-friendly automatic seal bar code scan

As Smartphones are universally used, MEGA–APP is supported on both iOS and Android, which makes the implementation of the security seal application easy and efficient. The Software application itself is very easy to use, with automatic scanning and recording of all relevant security seal information such as seal serial number, Google location (GPS) details and finally when and where the seal was applied or removed.

mega app

A Full Suit Of High Security Features

megaapp barcode scanning

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Lost Or Stolen Seal Tracking

If a client’s seal goes missing and then ends up being scanned, the client receives immediate notification of who / where / when their missing seal was scanned.

Monitoring Replacement Seals

We currently have a Mega-APP client called Transdev who send one time use plastic bags (with a bar code printed on) to different Transdev ports. Inside each plastic bag are electronic items that require processing plus a return plastic bag. In this situation, the Head Office scans the first bag going out, then the bag gets scanned again when it arrives at the port. The electronic items are processed then repacked in the 2nd bag, scanned out and then couriered back to the head office where the 2nd bag is scanned again indicating it has arrived home. When they scan the 2nd bag, however, they also type in the “Replaced Seal Number” the 1st bags’ field number. This means that on the client web page, the drop box of the scanned activity will show both bags’ movements.

No Cell Coverage

When in cell coverage, a scanned seal history report will automatically be forwarded to the company’s application administrator. Success that everything was sent OK is verified by the Green Light. When outside of cell coverage, a red light appears indicating that when back in cell coverage, the user needs to sync the application by pressing the bottom right icon.

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