Cargo Stabilization through the Correct use of Dunnage Bags

Dunnage bags for cargo stabilization

There are many threats that face goods that are moved upon the sea’s, cargo is regularly placed under stress in transit which leads to possible damages or even containers falling overboard. With over 90% of the world’s goods being transported via the sea utilizing reliable security solutions is essential. We provide dunnage bags that are ideal for cargo stabilization by filling voids to prevent movements in transit. These bags are available in multiple sizes as well as sizes to provide the optimal fit for a wide range of loading patterns.

Dunnage bags for Cargo Stabilization

Our paper woven bags are designed with our mega flow valve for optimal fast filling increasing air fill efficiency by 30-40%. This allows theses bags to provide a reliable and efficient solution for filling voids in a container or truck to prevent loads unbalancing or moving in transit. Our paper bags are available in sizes from 60cm x 120cm bags up to 120cm x 225cm bags allowing a choice of the optimal fit for each load to prevent hazards that come with improper loading practices.

paper dunnage bag

Our woven bags provide the same efficient inflation with improved resistance to pressure and punctures making them ideal for heavy loads. By utilizing a double layer design these bags provide excellent cargo stabilization. With the inner layer comprising of a woven bag that increases air tightness under higher pressure for heavy loads, which is then protected by an outer bag made from durable polypropylene that resists most chemical solvents and acids. With sizes ranging from 60cm x 90cm to 120cm x 225cm bags these are the ideal solution for heavy loads or goods with sharper edges presenting issues when placed under strain in transit.

Both paper and woven bags are reusable as well as being made from 100% recyclable material reducing waste in supply chains.

We supply the Mega Flow dunnage bag inflator which is fast and easy to use with a firm nylon body to prevent air losses while inflating using both compressed and external air sucked in.

Woven Dunnage Bags with mega flow Inflator 1

Find out more about our dunnage bags that are ideal for cargo stabilization for shipping and road transport by contact our team today.