RFID Electronic Seal for easy tracking of goods

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The RFID electronic seal is used to provide tagging of goods with an excellent read range. This solution provides easy identification of goods shipments for optimal efficiency for operations by scanning a reader providing information such as sequential identification numbers and more. As a result, this solution is ideal for tracking goods by simply attaching the RFID device to cable or plastic seals placed on the back of trucks or trailers as well as applications such as factory automation, automotive and security purposes.

Fleet tracking is made possible by placing a reader near the entrance or exit to distribution and warehousing facilities allowing quick identification of shipments.

The RFID seal provides many benefits to many operations because of its security features including:

  • Operates effectively with a very good read range for applications such as tracking truck or road transport shipments in and out of distribution centres.
  • Can be attached by plastic seals with the help of slots provided to applications.
  • Has a Flexible read/write Range depending on the device used to read data.
  • Permanent Laser-etched logo and security numbers for maximum level of marking security which cannot be removed or replaced without evidence.
  • Has the ability to retains Data from shipment logs for up to 10 years.
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