Hot Melt/ Bale Strap

Hot Melt/ Bale Strap

Seriously Strong Strapping To Safely Secure The Most Compressed Baled Waste.
Corded polyester bale strapping is a strong, safe material specifically designed to fit in to a baling machine or waste compactor to secure compressed baled waste materials.

– Strong as steel
– Minimises injury
– Superior to polypropylene string
– Will not unravel
– Easily tied and more secure
– Strong and lightweight

This strapping can be used for the Chemical Industry, Palletization, Engineering, Container Shipping and Pallet Shipping.

Hot Melt

Item Belt Width System System Core Meter p.Coil
40HM 13 mm 380 daN 76mm 1100
50HM 16 mm 460 daN 76mm 850
55HM 16 mm 630 daN 76mm 600
60HM 19 mm 760 daN 76mm 500
65HM 19 mm 760 daN 76mm 600
85HM 25 mm 1000 daN 76mm 500

Bale Strap

Strap Size System Strength
9mm x 250m 255 daN
9mm x 350m 255 daN
9mm x 500m 255 daN
13mm x 350m 360 daN
13mm x 500m 380 daN
16mm x 425m 460 daN

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13mmX1100m, 16mmX600m, 19mmX500m, Strap Sizes Avaliable