Container Lashing Systems – Quattro Strap

Container Lashing Systems – Quattro Strap

Container Lashing Systems facilitate the fast and effective load securing of goods in containers. The goods are protected against damage and slipping during transport when opening the container doors. Container lashing systems are an appreciated and well recognised solution. Due to its ease of use and prevention of personal injury and avoid damage to goods, when receiving and unloading goods.

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Since the lasted revision of the IMO guidelines the max. force which should be applied to the lower container lashing point is 1000KG and just 500KG to the upper point.

Using two sides, gives a max. strength of 3 tons.
By using 4 instead of 2 lashing points on each side of the container we can reach a much higher securing force.

The main benefits of Quattro Strap are:

  1. It uses a total of 8 lashing points per set. The lashing points are the weakest link when doing lashing as they can only hold 0.5 or 1 tonne per point. The fact that Quattro divides the tension over more points means it can hold more weight/tension. Using the N3 or N5s etc is quick, but that system only uses 4 points instead of 8.
  2. Its extremely cheap, especially compared to floor or corner lashing. There is no expensive metal hooks or metal pieces.
  3. Going through the IMO CTU manual you will find this on page 104. As you can see it shows the lashing being done by 4 lashing points per side, just like our system:

Additional Information

Container Lashing Systems

Container lashing systems are pre-assembled for immediate use as restraint systems that are easy to handle and fast to secure. Mega Fortris Container Lashing systems are suitable for both Standard and High Cude ISO Containers for overseas shipments.

Container Lashing Systems for securing cargo inside Shipping Containers

Container lashing systems are restraint systems pre-assembled for immediate use and thus easy and fast to handle. Container lashing systems consist of two vertical bands with 2400 mm (for ISO-containers) or 2600 mm (for High-Cube containers) length that are fixed with sewed hooks in the eyelets of the container. Attached to these vertical straps are, depending on the requirements of use, two to four tightly sewed or flexible horizontal straps which are connected with special fasteners.

Our container lashings are made of extremely rigid polyester fibres, ensuring best recovery and thus excellent protection of your products.

Container Lashing Systems Can Be Used With:

  • Lashing Systems can be used for securing overseas containers in additions with some of our other products:
  • Anti-slip material in the form of anti-slip mats
  • Lashing straps (ratchet pressure or Ergo long handle)
  • Edge protector (of solid cardboard with a spot load of 600 daN) edge protection should be used in order to prevent a puncture on the load frame.

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