Dunnage Bags – Paper

Dunnage Bags – Paper

Mega Flow Paper Dunnage Bags with Mega Flow Valve

Paper Dunnage Air bags from Mega Fortris protect your cargo from sliding, falling or tilting. The Mega Fortris new Mega Flow Valve, allows for a dunnage bag to be filled much quicker with our new Venturi Mega flow air filling system. The Mega Flow Venturi Inflator increases efficiency by 30-40% for filling air bags by using a combination of compressed air and additional ‘outside’ air is sucked in.

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Paper Dunnage Bags

  • Paper Inflatable Bags have excellent stability
  • Easy To Use
  • Quick Inflation/Deflation
  • Re-Usable
  • Fixed Connection at valve

Paper Shipping Air Bag Sizes:

  • Paper 2 ply Medium 60x120cms
  • Paper 2 ply Medium 60x180cms
  • Paper 2 ply Medium 90x120cms
  • Paper 2 ply Medium 90x150cms
  • Paper 2 ply Medium 90x180cms
  • Paper 2 ply Medium 90x210cms
  • Paper 2 ply Medium 90x225cms

Other Sizes are available on request.

Dunnage Air Bags are also known as Void Fillers, Inflatable Dunnage Bags, and Shipping Air Bags.

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120x225cm, 60x120cm, 90x120cm, 90x150cm, 90x180cm, 90x225cm

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