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Ready for Tomorrow Today!

Mega Fortris have been working with organisations to overcome their transport security solutions for over 18 years. We understand the issues that have developed over the years. As the intruders develop their techniques to break into Containers and trailers, Mega Fortris have always stayed one step ahead with development of revolutionary security seals.

Mega Fortris bring the Old School Techniques and New Technology to provide the perfect Security Solution.

Now we have come to a point in time where the transportation industry is starting to face new issues posed by intruders, with new ways to breaking into containers and trailers. There are also new arising problems with increased container/trailer breaches conducted by disgruntled employees within the organisation itself.

At Mega Fortris we have developed a team of experienced employees who have come from backgrounds in the transport security industry. Our team of professionals have applied their skills and innovation into the development of High Security seals that are engineered with Tamper Evidence technology.

As we mentioned above we have always stayed one step ahead of the intruders and to combat this issue. We have done something which has never been done before. We have taken the old school techniques and incorporated it with the new technology based solutions, making this solution the best of both worlds. At this point in time you must be wondering what this revolutionary solution is and how it works; well read on and find out how you can be “READY FOR TOMORROW TODAY”.

2K Klicker

As we all know the Bolt Seal has been around for many years with many organisations trying to ensure they provide maximum strength and security to containers. However at Mega Fortris we have done things a little differently with the ultimate and universal “2K KLICKER” Bolt Seal. When developing the 2K Klicker one of the things we were aiming to achieve was to ensure the seal has strength to with stand intruder attacks yet show signs of tampering to ensure the organisations knew if the seal had been tampered with. To ensure we met these aims we have used a very high quality steel to manufacture the 2K Klicker to ensure it has the highest strength to prevent easy breaking of seal. To provide the seal with tamper evident features we have placed a plastic coating around the seal. However this isn’t just any plastic; the plastic used on these seals have been specially manufactured to provide the seal with an Anti Spin technology. This means if the intruder tried a spin attack on the seal the plastic coating will crack (but not break off) to show signs of tampering.

Nano Technology

Another problem which transport companies face is with the seal markings being rubbed off the seal making it hard to track which seal was originally placed on the container. To combat this issue we came up with two very different yet effective solutions. We now offer “Nano Technology” to customers allowing organisations to read the serial number of the seal even if the serial number has been scratched off. Let us explain what Nano Technology is; When manufacturing the 2K Klicker we insert a small chip in the bolt seal itself which contains the serial number of that seal, this can be read with a special reader. This means the chip isn’t accessible by the intruder and yet the organisation can use the reader and find out the seal number. The second solution is the special marking of the serial number which is burnt into the plastic making it harder for intruders to scratch off the serial number. Moreover we now offer the seals to be QR Coded to allow seals to integrate with technology based solutions.

The 2K Klicker also provides other features such as:

  • Hardened steel pin and bush for added security.
  • The pin and bush are moulded with high-impact ABS to provide high tamper evidence.
  • Oval-shaped pin and bush to mitigate ‘spin attacks’. The anti-locking mechanism prevents friction and only allows 1-way locking.
  • Identical sequential numbers on both parts provide greater security as it prevents parts substitution or replacement.
  • Engraved paired pin and bush for easier handling.
  • The bush is etched with name, logo, sequential numbering and barcode using permanent laser marking. Laser marking offers the highest level of security as it cannot be removed or replaced.
  • Two colours for improved product definition, visibility and identification, marking variations and increased operation efficiency.


Now that we have covered the old school solution we move onto the technology based solution.

Mega Fortris understand that now organisations like to see more technical advances in being able to track their seals and providing easier options for audit purposes. To overcome this demand Mega Fortris have recently developed a Mobile Application called the Mega App.

Mega App is the World’s first Security Seal Application for IOS and Android Mobile Devices. The Mega App is a cost–effective and user-friendly Smartphone based software solution that offers a chain of custody tracking through the automatic scanning and recording of barcodes on security seals.

The App Works in Four Simple Steps:

  • Login to MEGA–APP and enable the barcode scanner by pressing the ‘Scan barcode’ icon. Hold your Smartphone / device in front of the barcode on the security seal and the automatic scanner will do the rest. If a seal or item cannot be scanned due to no barcode, the contractor can simply photograph the seal and manually load the details.
  • If you’re happy with the barcode scan, you can either send it immediately by hitting submit, or add comments in the remarks field eg. ready for export and then hit submit. If you’re not happy with the scan / image simply hit the ‘retake’ button and start over. The user interface is very clean and is not cluttered with any unnecessary functionality, making it full proof for field staff.
  • (a) Upon hitting submit, the MEGA–APP will upload the barcode details and send them to your support office (b) You will get an alert on your device that your upload has been successful. (c) Hit OK and you will see the uploaded details
  • You can view your scan history by clicking on the retrieve scans button. You can delete a scan by checking the square at the bottom right corner of each can and then selecting delete at the top of the screen. Scan data shown on the History page cannot be removed and adjusted after being submitted to ensure robust sensitivity of information.

The ultimate solution is built be placing the 2K Klicker and the MEGA App together to ensure the highest level of security for your goods. While the 2K Klicker provides the physical security to the application the MEGA App provides the organisation with an Audit trail and technical security to allow them to pin point where the breach attempt occurred. This will also allow the organisation to see which personal was the last to handle the seal allowing them to also find the intruder.

In essence the new solutions doesn’t just stop intruders from breaking into the containers but also allows them to find out where the breach took place and find out the culprit.

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