Mega Twister seals for Global Applications

Mega Twister seals for Global Applications

There are many issues facing the world currently these being older struggles and new ones. There are many vital missions taking place around the globe to tackle problems facing people with hardships. Few missions are more vital than delivering essential liquids such as water to deprived areas. The WHO’s (World Health Organisation) data shows that 1 in 3 people lack access to safe drinking water. Delivering such resources to places like the Middle East, East Asia, Africa and South America requires high security products such as the Mega Twister seals to ensure no unauthorised access is gained to such critical cargo. Contamination, tampering and theft could be devastating to operations.

  • Access to Clean Water
  • No Access to Clean Water

Mega Fortris offers solutions to shield against tampering and attempts to access containers for water bottles, totes, tankers, pumps and drums whilst in transit.

The Mega Twister SP BC is a high security and cost-effective solution suited to such global missions. A heat staking process permanently fixes the twister to the seal body which will leave clear evidence of tampering if cut or forced open. This twister upright design also allows for a large flap for clear permanent laser marking of sequential numbers, barcodes or text for security and identification that cannot be removed or replaced. The high impact ABS plastic lock body is non-flammable, and the Mega Twister SP BC can come with the option of stainless-steel coated wire for securing to the application that also offers corrosive resistant properties.


The excellent tamper evident features and easy identification of this product make it ideal for specialised applications that require high security, as well as resistance to environmental hazards. Suitable applications such as tankers, tote containers, drums, utility meters and other containers transporting valuable and possible hazardous liquids like water or gasoline.

Mega Twister Meter Seal | Utility Meter Seal

The Mega Twister SP is a second-generation seal offering increased marking capability for sequential numbers and improved design. The side flap uses permanent laser marking to etch sequential numbering, logo or other customised marking for high security and easy identification. The twister and seal body are fixes together using heat staking to leave clear evidence of tampering if seal is cut or forced open. This seal also allows the option of stainless-steel coated wire and colour coding depending on requirements.

This seal is also a high-quality seal that is cost effective and ideal for use on a wide range of applications such as utility meters, scales, pumps, drums and totes.

The Mega Twister Vertical seal is a high-quality cost-effective solution for application on a wide range of meters. This seal offers high security and tamper evident features to utility meters through its use of quality materials such as polycarbonate, high-impact ABS and polypropylene making it more durable. Heat staked technology to fix the seal body and twister cap to provide excellent protection against tampering. As well as clear permanent laser marking for identification and security.

Mega Twister SP Vertical | Secure Meter Seal

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Mega Fortris is proud to contribute to such critical missions around the globe.

Mega Fortris is committed to providing seals to meet every customer’s needs including the essential missions taking place across the world that require high security. It provides the reassurance that important cargo cannot be tampered with or contaminated.

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