MCL Cable Seals for Offshore Platforms

MCL seals for offshore platforms

Oil & Gas is a key industry to the Middle East region, which includes many moving parts that make this region one of the power houses of the Global market. The Middle East includes 5 of the top 10 oil producing countries which account for 27% of the worlds output. A key part of this is the growth in offshore oil production facilities in 2020, increasing to 375 rigs off the shore of the Middle East while North America fell to 371. These oil platforms have many applications that require quality solutions that will also stand up to the tough climate conditions these rigs face out at sea. Mega fortris offer the MCL cable seal range for this purpose, as strong tamper evident but durable seals.

Off Shore platform

MCL Cable Seal Range

The primary benefits the MCL seals offer is the rib pattern design and anodized finish on the aluminum body that provides excellent resistance to corrosion from salty sea air and water. Additionally, this allows solid colours fantastic for customized laser marking, with the ridges in the design protecting the markings against rough handling.

cable breakaway green

The MCL breakaway 150 itself utilizes a shear bolt to tighten the wire to the application until it is securely locked in place, with the shaft of the shear bolt breaking off when tightened completely. This seal is one way locking and can only be opened with cable cutters, so cannot be removed, and reapplied without clear evidence of tampering. Also using etched permanent laser marking for up to 10 digits for clear identification. This seal is cost effective and efficient to apply, which along with its resistant properties make this seal ideal for the longer periods of time a seal would be applied on an offshore platform.

The MCL seals are available in multiple cable thicknesses ranging from 2.5mm to 5mm and various lengths of wire to fit the application requirements. A key benefit of the MCL cable seals is the high strength and excellent tamper evident features provided with the use of a pull tight one way locking mechanism, preventing removal without cutting allowing clear evidence of tampering. Etched laser marking is used to provide the highest marking protection to seals with up to 15 digits available for clear identification for seals. Thus, these seals are extremely versatile and can be used for a wide range of applications, such as valves, calibrators, tank containers, tanker trucks and other utility uses.

mcl250 cable seal

Our different MCL cable seals are ideal for delivering quality security in the harsh conditions on offshore platforms because of there security features and ability to retain their identification properties to resist tampering.

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