Lashing for the Steel and Aluminium Sectors!

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The Middle East region has seen continual growth in its manufacturing capabilities in recent years, especially the Steel and aluminium industries. With crude steel and other steel production reaching over 45 million tonnes a year making them a significant global contributor. In addition to the large investment into expanding the regions aluminium production capacity which can produce 7 million tonnes a year accounting for 10% of global production, that could rise to 22% if China’s contribution is discounted. Growth that is a direct effect of efforts in the last decade to build new smelters in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Bahrain and Qatar making this region a major global player.

However, this large rise in capacity leads to the need for increased transport for the many products produced that present issues because of the variations in sizes, shapes and weights. Therefore, a versatile solution is required that can serve as a crucial part of these metal products transport operations. Our one-way woven lashing straps are available in 32mm, 38mm and 40mm strap widths for this very purpose that can offer a break strength of as much as 8,000 daN when the system is applied. Furthermore, our lashing is certified by Germanischer Lloyd as an effective load restraint assembly for fixing bulky items safely to the carrier.


Lashing Applications for Steel and Aluminium Industry

These properties are the reason that our lashing has many applications within the steel and aluminium industry. Examples of this is securing heavy metal items such as the metal bars, ingots, blocks and cylindrical items inside of the containers. This is an ideal use for this lashing, when used with our heavy-duty buckles can provide extremely high tensile strength and easy application to prevent movement and hazards. Along with this our lashing can provide additional benefits to this operation in the form of using our straps high tension and strengths to support lifting of heavy metal shipments such as providing a tight fit on long or large metal sections that require special handling when they are lifted to slide these objects in and out of containers and other storage areas.

Our one-way lashing is an adaptable load securing solution that can be used to secure many types of objects to a certified regulatory standard so our clients can trust their goods are safe in transit. The steel and aluminium industry is a goods example of how our high strength straps can support operations for a wide range of goods.

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