Fast seals for Tankers, Trucks, ISO and IBC containers

Fast seals for Tankers, Trucks ISO Tanks and IBC’s

The Mega Fortris Fast seals range is suitable for a wide range of applications due to the unique features that they offer. Typical applications include tankers, trucks, ISO tank containers and IBC’s which transport goods ranging from hazardous chemicals, solvents, construction materials like cement to food stuffs. Such applications require a high level of security sealing to ensure that the contents are not contaminated or compromised during transit. Some substances which are transported could be sensitive to heat, air, water or environmental conditions, and any unauthorised access during transit could lead to loss of the shipment due to the contents being compromised. The small sealing apertures which are typical with such applications make the Fast Seal the ideal choice. They feature a narrow strap to accommodate such sealing, whilst also offering a high level of security and tamper evidence making them the ideal choice.

The Fast seal is a strong narrow strap seal that comes in either Polypropylene (PP) material or Nylon. It features an integral metal locking mechanism which increases the level of security, whilst heat staking technology is used to permanently fix the seal cap to seal body of the fast seal. This means that the seal cannot be cut or forced open without clear evidence of tampering, thus alerting the user to a potential security breach. Permanent laser marking to etch serial numbers, barcodes etc ensure that such information that cannot be removed or replaced. Colour coding is also available with different coloured caps which allows easy identification and customisation.

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fast seal 3.5inch

The Fast seal 3.5 is the stronger and more durable alternative to the standard fast seal. This seal is still designed for smaller aperture applications, but offers a higher level of security. It features embedded spikes on the back of the seal which provide better strapping grip on even slippery materials that are used for chemical and hazardous materials storage. The large flag allows additional space for the laser marking that can etch name, logo, sequential numbers & barcodes etc.

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Mega Fortris offer the Fast seal and Fast seal 3.5 as a high quality solution for high value applications.

Mega Fortris have developed the Fast seals to provide a seal to cater for the high security level of sealing required for such applications. It provides confidence to the user that the materials /contents have not been tampered with or contaminated whilst in transit. Other applications include ATM machines and money boxes, postal services, airline catering trolleys, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, and any other form of  transportation of high value goods.

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