Dunnage bags and desiccants for secure container transit

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There are many threats facing goods being transported globally in containers due to the volume and journey durations, global container goods equalling 1.83billion in 2017. Some of the largest threats facing goods in transit is physical damage through shock or uneven strain causing 28% of claims, and almost 10% due to wet or temperature damage. This can lead to large costs in the shape of financial loss, reduced supply chain efficiency and negatively affected reputation. Mega Fortris supply solutions that are ideal for combating these risks in the form of dunnage bags and desiccant bags that are available in various sizes and materials.

Mega Fortris have successfully supplied solutions to a wide range of industries for decades and our products help to ensure the safe and secure movement of goods whilst in transit. Products that can be secured range from fragile goods such as bottles to heavy duty pallets and barrels.

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Mega Fortris offer two types of dunnage bags for use by either air, ship or road. Both products are fitted with the Mega flow valve for optimal efficient inflation and are 100% recyclable.

The paper dunnage bags contain a plastic inner layer to assure air tightness even in high pressures. The woven polypropylene dunnage bags are designed for securing heavy duty cargo in shipment and have an inner layer to assure air tightness in high pressures. The outer layer is highly resilient and resists most chemical solvents, bases and acids meaning it is the ideal storage bag for all precious or fragile goods.

Both bags act to reduce the physical stress and impacts that are the results of the goods moving or becoming unbalanced in transit and can consequently reduce the direct and indirect costs associated with breakages/damage.

Desiccant bags provide protection for climate-based hazards to packages, such as excess moisture in containers that can damage or effect the quality of the products. This is particularly relevant for goods such as food, beverages and other delicate items that can be weakened in transit.

Desiccant bags can play an essential role controlling the internal environment of containers, ensuring that products arrive in the same conditions as they left. Absorbing the excess moisture stops packaging getting damaged, peeling labels, mould and mildew. Application can be done through hooking to lashing points in the container or by simply placing them on top of the goods.

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Mega Fortris offer a range of solutions designed to combat and eliminate the risks involved in the transit of goods. Utilizing the right solutions can enhance your goods security and assure you obtain the maximum value from your goods. By using either dunnage bags or desiccant bags or a combination of the two you will help you take control of your supply chain to control your goods from start to finish.

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