Composite Strapping for the Steel & Aluminium Sector


The steel and aluminium industry in the Middle East is vast and has many applications that require quality solutions. There are many heavy or oddly shaped loads that need to be secured together for safe storage and transit, and can handle the stresses or pressures these activities entail. Due to these requirements our Composite strapping from Mega Fortris is an ideal solution for securing these precious metal shipments throughout the supply chain.

Composite strapping is perfect for securing the pipes, ingots and bars together while being stored or going through the various operations at distribution centres. In addition to this, composite strapping can be used to aid the securing of loads inside of containers for transit. Also besides being a versatile solution, composite strapping possesses the key benefit of having no sharp edges that can scratch the coatings of the metal materials. This is a result of the high tenacity polyester fibre material used to create the strapping that provides many of the benefits of steel strap without the issues for the goods or safety for staff.

In addition to this key benefit our composite strapping has many more beneficial features for load securing.

Firstly, we provide this product with strap widths ranging from 13mm to 32mm depending on the users’ requirements. As previously mentioned, our composite strap has no sharp edges making it easy to handle and fast to apply on load securing applications. However, our strapping still has a high linear and system strength that is as strong as steel for heavy loads. As well as having high shock absorption properties during transport limiting the movement of goods and the loss of tension that can potentially unbalance loads and cause hazards.

Our strapping also retains high tension in transport because it has great elastic elongation and memory even on contracting packages. As well as this, it will not rust or rot and is resistant to all weather conditions and ultraviolet rays, limiting environmental effects on the security of your goods.

composite_strap Polyester Strapping Systems

As a result, our composite strapping provides great security for a wide range of goods. Especially steel and aluminium products because of the strength, but also the safety for goods.

Additional Products for Strapping

Our systems are ideally applied with galvanised steel buckles that assist in creating the high system strengths that allow our strapping to secure heavy loads effectively.

lashing tensioner

We provide tensioners made from the highest quality materials that allows quality tensioning for straps up to 50mm widths.

Mega Fortris Middle East composite strapping is one of many different load secure solutions to provide high quality services to industries such as aluminium and steel sector that need specialised reliable products.

Contact our expert team that will be happy to provide additional advice on the right solution for you.