Battery Powered Strapping Tool ELT-35

Battery Powered Strapping Tool ELT-35

This tool was specifically designed to be used in time constrained environments, where the lead time is a priority. The ELT-35 is popular within busy warehouses and distribution centres. As it says, this tool is able to tension, cut and seal a strap in a quick motion. Helping you get your goods secured faster, this tool does everything for you in one quick motion. This battery powered tool can be easily transported around busy environments and warehouses.

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Function and design are outstanding and revolutionary.

Instead of using a standard power tool, somehow attached to a gearbox, we have designed this tool from scratch focused on the application. And the results are astonishing.  A very strong motor and the newest generation of rechargeable batteries have proven their reliability in many tests.


  • Newest lithium-ion battery technology
  • Battery powered strapping tensioner for belts up to 32mm, 850 KG/F
  • Will last for min. 600 up to 1000 pulls per charge (after 600 pulls tested battery level showed 80%)
  • Fully recharged in 1 hour with external power supply (included)
  • Heavy duty durable and ergonomic design
  • Pulling force up to 850 KG/F (battery capacity 35 % reached at 750 KG/F tested)
  • Wind and rewind function
  • Integrated belt cutter