Securing the Pharmaceuticals Industry

Securing Pharmaceuticals Industry Security Seals

It has become ever more essential to ensure the safety and security of the supply chain within the Pharmaceuticals Industry. To keep up with the changing times, and to ensure we create products which deter new threats, Mega Fortris are always creating new and improved products.

Mega Fortris Group manufacture a wide range of security seals for pharmaceutical companies all around the world. Designed for use on various pharmaceutical application types, such as Plastic Pull-Tight Seals, Security Labels, Cable Seals, Security Tape, Document Bags and more. All our PP Plastic Seals are now available in biodegradable version. The following products have been designed for applications use within pharmaceuticals industry:

Premium Plastic Pull Tight Fast Seal – designed to be a versatile security seal used to secure various applications such as Tote Boxes and Roll Cages. The metal clip inside the locking mechanism provides a greater locking strength and increased security. Laser Marking of Logo, Sequential Numbering or Company Name makes tracking and identification easier.

Heavy Duty Pull Up Seals – specifically designed to be durable and secure applications which passed through rough handling. Ideal for securing high valued or security sensitive goods. Spikes on the seal tail provides better grip of applications and provides great locking security. The seal also has a large marking flap to allow laser marking of company logo, company name, sequential numbering or barcodes.

Single Use Tamper Evident Security Envelopes – designed for secure transportation of forensic evidence, cash-in-transit, police evidence, sensitive documents and more. Hidden tamper-evident markings are revealed when the security tape is tampered with. TE Bags are made of Co-ex film which is resistant to oil, water and rough handling, and is 100% recyclable.

Bespoke Single Trip Security Bags – provides the ultimate security for safe transportation of Cash, Documents and other smaller items. Our security bags are easy to use and are easy to seal, that show clear signs of tampering when security is breached. Custom made envelopes are available with multiple receipts, with a tear-off perforation and individual serial numbering.

Our Document & Mail Pouches are ideal for the safe transfer of documents between departments. Our tamper evident Mail Pouches with gusset are designed for sending, storing or transporting documents and bulkier items. They have a long edge zip on 3 sides for easy loading and incorporate a tamper evident zip closure. All are made from high quality, durable, weather-resistant material.

Non-Residue Self-Adhesive labels are supplied with a sequential number as standard but can be customised with a customer name, logo or barcode. They are designed to visually deform when removal is attempted but leave no residue on the surface they have been applied too.

Our plain Security Tape delaminates when removed, leaving a Void Open message on the application surface and through the tape itself.  When applied the tape does not show any indication that it is a Tamper Evident until opened, a useful feature where the user wishes the package to be inconspicuous.

For information on other applications or seals please get in touch with one of our experts on + 971 04 372 4300.

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