Key management systems providing the ‘keys’ to success.

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In many businesses keys are ‘key’ to operational success to control access to assets or facilities reducing the chances of breaches in security. We supply high quality and customisable key management systems that uses ‘keycop’ sensors keys fitted with Ultra High Frequency (UHF) RFID tags, as well as engraved bar codes, company logo, serial numbers or custom text to control your keys. The infusion of engraved markings as well as RFID tags that allow storage of specific numbers and other identification information in the seal providing additional security and efficiency. Due to this combination of features this grants the user the ability to track their seals in three different ways; the readable number on the seal, scanning the barcode, or by reading the RFID tag.

The Keycop sensors are used in conjunction with a custom-built cabinet with a coded lock for controlled checking in and out of keys.

Key Management Systems Applications

This system has diverse applications across a wide range of environments that need reliable and efficient tracking and controlling of keys. These applications are as follows:

  • Facilities and buildings in general
  • Multi-tenant business buildings or hotels
  • Vehicle and fleet management
  • Internal transport like forklifts
  • Petrochemicals
  • Industry and manufacturing machinery
  • Government applications in law enforcement, education and more
  • Security
  • Cash in transit
  • Healthcare
  • casinos



Benefits of this system include the ability to program in access to specific keys for different users or groups that prevents unauthorized access. This simple automated system allows large reductions in time consuming tasks such as key transaction record keeping and administration. Additionally benefits include the ability to generate custom reports to track issues and which keys are yet to be returned to avoid keys being lost or misplaced. All these benefits allow the user to manage commercial fleets of vehicles, different premises as well as equipment more closely to avoid issues and optimize operational issues.

How the Key Management System works

Our key management system works using RFID tags to track and manage keys that are logged in and out of a cabinet that can range in sizes from 24p, 60p and 108p with a flexible panel design. The videos below detail more about the sizes and a demonstration of how this system works.

We supply a wide range of security solutions that are designed to increase security while increasing operational efficiency. The key management system is a good example of this, using customizable technology to offer a high-tech solution capable of improving optimization and offering reassurances to users that any issues can be found and averted.

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