High-octane Security!


The Oil & Gas industry is of crucial importance of all of us, delivering the daily energy we need to power our lives. From minute-long adjustments of our grid demand, to decade-long investments and strategies, this industry requires the highest performing security systems to produce, handle and transport the goods all over the world. The high volume of dangerous goods processed in this industry requires SOPs and products that are of the highest calibre possible. That’s where Mega Fortris seals and load-securing products can bring the safety and reliance needed in this high-octane sector.

Our products are used in a variety of ways within the industry: from metal seals on heavy-duty offshore platforms to the tankers filling up our petrol stations, from securing the drums and barrels to making refineries operate safely. There is no shortage of requirements of seals in this industry, and since it is only as safe as its weakest part, these seals are designed, produced, and tested extensively before being granted the permission to operate.

They need to withstand the corrosive nature of the Northern Sea salt-water winds and the highly corrosive nature of the fuels themselves, so any material used as well as any marking made needs to be able to withstand these heavy-duty environments where they operate.  As an example we have our Metal Cable Lock 350 out on offshore platforms where it is important that the salt does not corrode the cable and the lock as well as that markings stay visible even when partially covered by the seal salts:


Or our plastic seals used to seal drums, barrels, IBCs, and fuel tanker valves that must retain all their strength, colour, markings, and security features like these:

meter seal

In addition to the seals, our range of load-securing products allow the transportation of the goods as well as machinery in safe and compliant procedures. The strap necessary to secure drums on a pallet, or the lashing that secures the contents of 20ft and 40ft shipping containers are important products for safe SOP as well as cost-containment measures.


The quality of products is paramount to make sure that the dangerous goods and environments present in this industry are handled safely and properly. That’s where our 25 year experience in designing the best possible solutions for this industry comes in and allows our customers to obtain the highest-possible quality, safety and security that these products can offer. All the certifications such as ISO 9001, 14001, 177712 – clause 5+6, ISMA, C-TPAT are not only in our records, but as we are truly leaders in this field we are often times the advisors on what these standards should be. This important role is only possible by being leaders in what we do, a true testament to our dedication to this industry.

When our customers order our products, they know that quality, safety, security and reliability will be ensured, and so they can have full peace of mind that their operations are in good hands. This dedication to upmost quality has enabled Mega Fortris to grow from strength to strength and truly be the successful story of today security seals.