Container Lashing Systems used for Securing Chemical Containers & Bags

Lashing systems for chemical containers and bags

The Middle East chemical industry is a major player in the global market, representing 36% and over 7% of global production capacity of high value chemicals and overall chemical production respectively. This leads to high amount of goods produced that have many hazardous characteristics and therefore high security requirements for safe transit.

These goods are secured in IBC containers and large chemical bags for transit in shipping or intermodal containers. However, these methods present threats to these goods such as movement in transit that can cause shock or stress that can breach the containers or bag material leading to leakage that can have disastrous consequences. Therefore, utilizing a load securing solution that is robust enough to withstand the stresses of transit, while safeguarding goods is essential.

Container lashing systems provide a very quick application process as well as excellent system strength for secure storage of all load sizes and weights. We provide different system options such as our N5, NW4, N6, NW6 and quattro lashing systems depending on the load requirements.


Lashing Systems for Chemical industry

N lashing applications image

N lashing systems For the Chemical Industry

These lashing systems are provided in two sizes with 2 vertical bands that are 2400mm in length for standard size containers or 2600mm for high cube containers which are attached to the eyelets on the container with sewed hooks. Depending on the height and weight of the load this system uses two to four horizontal straps secured using steel pressed buckles for enhanced system strength. The lashing straps themselves are made from extremely rigid polyester fibers that are robust preventing a loss tension while also avoiding damage to delicate surfaces for optimal product protection. This being essential to the IBC container and chemical bag material that can be cut open by tension and sharp edges of steel strapping. This solution is used to secure the open end of the container once loaded preventing forward movement and bracing goods by compressing the load.

Quattro Strap is the alternative to provide greater security to your goods while in transit by container. This is due to the increase to 4 lashing points per side, this means that there will be a total of 8 contact points for this lashing system and the container. This allows the strain to be distributed between more points and therefore provide double the load securing force that 2-point systems can offer ideal for delicate or bulky chemical industry.

Further advantages can be found in this systems versatility when securing goods within containers, with the adjustable 2, 3 or 4 horizontal belts secured across the front of your goods cargo can be secured at any height in the container. The Quattro strap system is also developed to fit any size of container this being standard and high cube (HQ). Quattro strap is efficient and inexpensive removing the need for costly metal hooks and other pieces to secure the lashing to the container. Simply needing to be threaded through the lashing points finished by securing the tensioned lashing with OWB3516P pressed steel buckles with a tensile strength of 1600kg for high security.

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These solutions are ideal for providing trustworthy protection for the high value hazardous materials from the Middle East chemical industry.

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